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Dead dead dead's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Dead dead dead

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Now we have to say goodbye. [13 Mar 2004|05:35pm]
This community is now dead.

it was responsible for fun.
it was a joke.
people took it seriously.
it made us laugh,it made us cry.

it will only stand now as a remembrance for the hilarity that once insued.

Love your mod's;

Bonnie crushmekillme


Jessica ruffles

good bye scenesters of livejournal.
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[11 Mar 2004|07:57pm]
I am going but I'm going to come back Collapse )
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i'm so in, because she said so. [08 Mar 2004|04:12am]
[ mood | latex is sleeping. ]

omnivores.Collapse )

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get some [02 Mar 2004|09:27pm]


LJ cut my azz. get out of my life with dat shit
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see kristina, im hotter(even in bad pics) [29 Feb 2004|04:05pm]

title or description

im gross, whats up.
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[25 Feb 2004|05:55pm]

ride it. my pony.
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[21 Feb 2004|02:21am]

!1] Don't give me sass.
!2] chicago. 19. jonathan
!3] blood dumpster, white zombie, simon and garfunkel, the pixies, new order, beneath the wheel, hewhocorrupts
!4] 420 + 69 = YOU
!5] fuck youCollapse )
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NEw [18 Feb 2004|05:29pm]

!1] Why are you sassy? because i am the sexy edge.
!2] Where are you from,age,name? outside of chicago, 15, alex
!3] Favourite bands? yeah yeah yeahs, bikini kill, le tigre, bright eyes, tbs, my chemical romance
!4] How many dumb motherfuckers do you want to beatup? all the ugly bitches who used to make my life hell, and this one fat chick, and some kids at my school, backstabbers, ect.
!5] Post photos of yourself and use fucking LJcut.
Read more...Collapse )
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[06 Feb 2004|09:40pm]

Haven't posted on here since I started so I thought I'd come back on here and post some new pics. i dont know i was ever accepted. i think i was but im not sure. might have to check.

Read more...Collapse )
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THIS.IS.HOT [28 Jan 2004|09:39pm]

[ mood | SMUT ]


Sluts.Embrace Them.
Come join.
And by join, on mean ON MY FAAAAAAAACE!@!!@

If this isn't allowed.
Feel free to delete
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i got a date with a knife [26 Jan 2004|11:22pm]

[ mood | mellow ]

!1] Why are you sassy? because i say/wear/do what i like, because i like it. and because i beleive sex is a wonderful word and should be slipped into common conversation at all possible times.
!2] Where are you from,age,name? northern suburb of chicago, 16, allegra
!3] Favourite bands? death cab, the format, the bled, bright eyes, give up the ghost, the postal service, cursive, yeah yeah yeahs, etc
!4] How many dumb motherfuckers do you want to beatup? pretty much the majority of my high school. oh and those people that wear plaid skirts over jeans.
!5] Post photos of yourself and use fucking LJcut. and finally...Collapse )

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[26 Jan 2004|10:31pm]

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app. [22 Jan 2004|03:00pm]

[ mood | amused ]

1. Why are you sassy? because im fucking hyper, and people are mean to me.
2. Where are you from,age,name? Im from murrieta, CA, im 16, and my name is Chris Mcknight
3. Favourite bands? Taking back sunday, eighteen visions, zao, as i lay dying, from autumn to ashes, the bled, the faint, sex pistols, queen, and a static lullaby.
4. How many dumb motherfuckers do you want to beatup? more than the amount of fingers i have.
5. scenepoints?Collapse )

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GET FAKES AND GO TO MY SHOW. [22 Jan 2004|11:31am]

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Application [21 Jan 2004|06:26pm]
[ mood | sassy ]

!1] Why are you sassy?
I'm definetely sassy. I'm mouthy, cheeky, brassy, bold and sassy.

!2] Where are you from,age,name?
I'm Andi, I'm 18 and I'm from Surprise / Sun City, Arizona.

!3] Favourite bands?
My favorite music runs from rock to hip-hop to oldies, but bandwise.. I guess The Ramones, The Devotchkas, The Butchies, Coheed & Cambria, Taking Back Sunday, Kittie, Jack Off Jill, The Misfits, Thursday, Saves The Day... The list really is too big to fit on here.

!4] How many dumb motherfuckers do you want to beatup?
Oh, there's shitloads... *Counts them off on fingers* Kelly for being a dumb cunt, Patty for being a cheating whore, Mike for being an abusive asshole, Emily for being a lying bitch, my Mom for lying to me my entire fucking life, my Dad for choosing not to be there, my grandparents for being racists, sexists, homophobic bible-humping jerks, and of course, my ex-girlfriend Kari, but she's only saved because she's expecting a baby, otherwise, her ugly face would meet my pretty fist.

!5]newXcoreCollapse ) Fuck you if you don't like them, they're old anyways. :D

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[18 Jan 2004|02:03am]

[ mood | good ]

Hey I'm Darren.. haha i thought id join this joint for a laugh. After all with a name like Sassyscenesluts how could i take it seriously... anyone out there got work tomorrow? it sucks doesnt it. im gettin zombified so i dont have to be completely concious at work tomorrow haha. i just forget shit when im zombied haha. by the way, im not talking narcotics, just sleep deprivation and alcohol hehe.

im schilly!

x x -

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[10 Jan 2004|05:11pm]

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Flow Disruption [09 Jan 2004|07:46pm]

[ mood | bitchy ]

Add me. I need new people on my friends list. Like Woah!

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stamped [01 Jan 2004|07:31pm]


<3.Collapse )
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get fuuuuuuccked [31 Dec 2003|08:59pm]

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