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!1] Why are you sassy?
I'm definetely sassy. I'm mouthy, cheeky, brassy, bold and sassy.

!2] Where are you from,age,name?
I'm Andi, I'm 18 and I'm from Surprise / Sun City, Arizona.

!3] Favourite bands?
My favorite music runs from rock to hip-hop to oldies, but bandwise.. I guess The Ramones, The Devotchkas, The Butchies, Coheed & Cambria, Taking Back Sunday, Kittie, Jack Off Jill, The Misfits, Thursday, Saves The Day... The list really is too big to fit on here.

!4] How many dumb motherfuckers do you want to beatup?
Oh, there's shitloads... *Counts them off on fingers* Kelly for being a dumb cunt, Patty for being a cheating whore, Mike for being an abusive asshole, Emily for being a lying bitch, my Mom for lying to me my entire fucking life, my Dad for choosing not to be there, my grandparents for being racists, sexists, homophobic bible-humping jerks, and of course, my ex-girlfriend Kari, but she's only saved because she's expecting a baby, otherwise, her ugly face would meet my pretty fist.


Fuck you if you don't like them, they're old anyways. :D
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