when it was over i had a massive smile on my face (fuckingdance) wrote in sassyscenesluts,
when it was over i had a massive smile on my face

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i got a date with a knife

!1] Why are you sassy? because i say/wear/do what i like, because i like it. and because i beleive sex is a wonderful word and should be slipped into common conversation at all possible times.
!2] Where are you from,age,name? northern suburb of chicago, 16, allegra
!3] Favourite bands? death cab, the format, the bled, bright eyes, give up the ghost, the postal service, cursive, yeah yeah yeahs, etc
!4] How many dumb motherfuckers do you want to beatup? pretty much the majority of my high school. oh and those people that wear plaid skirts over jeans.
!5] Post photos of yourself and use fucking LJcut.

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